move – accomplished!

so, I’m moving and starting over. Here’s the link to my new CRAIG’s list ad for my Moving Sale this weekend, along with yet another gratuitous picture of Daniel CRAIG.

listen, I hear what you’re saying about Alexander Skarsgard. Yes. Pretty. But, soulful? Luxury-ho needs a grownup who understand pain, friends. Let’s not forget how pretentious Luxury-ho is.



SInce I’m sitting in a wi-fi hot spot, please also enjoy this image of a fireman.



Here’s a picture of an Amish couple.  See how happy they are?


It will be funnier when I actually post my next update, at my new blog that you DON’T have to be a member of Word Press to see.


You can find the NEW site at 

I’ve moved it so that more people can access it.  But hopefully it will not be easily searchable and I will not get disapproving emails and FB messages from the power figures who discipline and structure my life of mediocrity in Mediocre World until I am on my world book tour.

Artists don’t like censorship, friends.  Neither do anthropologists, or grown up single mommies.

Please, share the link with friends you think might like it.

I will be adding more content this week – – I’m off to a slow start, but I love the feedback I’ve received from my Pretty Friends.

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  1. I am finally here. Do you mind if I share the Craigslist link with my old Mommy group in Springfield? I’m still in touch with a bunch of them, and they might be interested.

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